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We deploy two types of technologies - those that maximise the efficient usage of energy and those that solve particular Trust problems. An example of the first is Combined Heat and Power plant. Examples of the other depend totally on the needs of the Trust, for instance problems we have been asked to address are:

Medical records - paper and EPR, windows, legionella, sterilisation, medical waste, electrical robsutness, small construction projects, staff training, staffing or other management issues, CAD and Maintenance systems, front entrance development, restaurant upgrades, preparatory work for large PFI or construction projects, site rationalisation, Estates Strategies, condition monitoring, interim management, facilities management

Combined heat and power

The only way to capture and use the heat energy wasted at electrical powerstations is to generate heat and power on site. We work with Trusts to specify and procure the plant that suits them best, rather than what a chp supplier might wish to sell. We have experience of gas turbines, reciprocating, steam, MTHW and LPHW systems, and concersions between systems.

Our portfolio includes gas turbines, geothermal plant, gas engines and fuel cells. We have worked with machines from 1Kw to 4,000Kw and beyond if necessary ( biggest we have installed is 42,000Kw - for an industrial client ) 

We have a technology that allows us to boost site standby capacity by running the CHP plant during mains outages. Our most exciting recent developments are heat led CHP. In the past CHP is sized to run continuously as far as possible and sized to the base heat load. Now we can supply units that stop and start as heat is required allowing CHP installations in disaggregated heating systems for the first time.

GeoChilling and Geothermal plant

The earth is a sink and source for reliable energy. Apart from COP that reach 10 times that of the best electric chillers, our Geochillers require no heat dump, are small, quiet and reliable. They can even provide cheap heat at night and at periods when chilling isn't required 

Our Georads can replace a wet heating system providing Winter heat and Summer cooling. It can even switch from hot to cold at different times of the day. The perfect solutions for laboratories, HSDU and kitchens or offices that are sun traps. As geo-energy is regarded as renewable it is Climate Change Levy exempt.

Energy savings technology

We are expert at lighting retrofits or upgrades, lighting controls, chiller improvements, electronic power and speed controllers, many water saving methods, BMS, insulation improvements, draught and air management, heat recovery, heat and cold storage, and just in time energy usage, oxygen concentrators, steam turbine letdown systems, compressor and vacuum pump optimisation, electric vehicles, load profiling, peak lopping ( not the old method which has largely fallen into disrepute )

Operational savings technology

Time is money, and we are expert at deploying technology to save time. Pneumatic tube transfer systems, case note tracking, bar coding, condition based maintenance, CAD, intelligent controls, intelligent lifts, communications, behead entertainment, nursecall systems, unmanned control systems, security and access control, medical waste disposal are all examples of systems we have been involved with.

We have experience of demanning plant and still meeting relevant safety requirements.

Environmental savings technology

Hospitals are centres of health improvement. Yet many belch out coal/ heavy oil fumes, and waste energy. Our projects always improve the environment. We displace carbon dioxide generated at power stations, we use clean fuels, we reduce total energy usage. We clean up contaminated transformers, asbestos and chilling systems with climate altering gases. We buck the trend which has been to move the energy centres away from the hospital. Instead we clean it up and save the loss of land and energy associated with this policy.

Bundled solutions

Our skills include technology bundling, synergistic or holistic design, savings methodologies and totally integrated solutions. This saves money, reduces capital cost and allows low savings items to be subsidised by high savings items. For instance performing a lighting upgrade at the same time a chiller is installed means that it might be possible to manage with a smaller chiller. Installing absorption chillers with CHP can allow the usage of a larger CHP unit and save Summer wastage.

Staff & Service development

One of the challenges of management in the NHS is staying current with best practice and technology, when one's day to day work is so consuming. He@lthCare Solutions exist to support the Estates dept through the deployment of experience of the latest proven technologies and support service benchmarking and deployment optimisation techniques. These are available for sharing with our NHS partners as part of our upgrade or interim management programs.

We also have the skill to assess and develop estates & facilities staff. We have introduced new pay and rewards systems based on assessed value and performance, without all the negativity that sometimes accompanies such initiatives.

Case Studies

Whilst big PFI schemes have been struggling along, He@lthCare Solutions and our partners have quietly got on and implemented 25 PFI infrastructure upgrade projects. We currently have another 3 in the pipeline.


Case studies from some of our projects so far 

Send mail to with questions or comments about our services or to request a free initial consultation. Otherwise ring us on 084-5057-3013 at local rates.
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