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Upgrade the infrastructure on your site

The way these projects work is that private sector partners utilise their expertise on your site, and are repaid through savings, which they guarantee. You are protected by a risk transfer contract, having control of the assets and service credits. The contractor guarantees, maintains and supports the installation. Your team operates and uses it as with any NHS plant. He@lthCare Solutions are specialist solution designers, project brokers and savings auditors and support you every step of the way.

Solution design

We will take a project from concept to end of contract - possibly a 10-15 year undertaking. We undertake feasibilities, business case approval, grant application, procurement, contract negotiation, installation, handover and annual monitoring. We have a number of creative fee options including access to consultancy grants and risk based fees

Project Brokers

Many NHS Estates organisations have all the skills to design, manage and operate new infrastructure projects. What they do not have is the up to date specialist knowledge for this type of project, the relationship with suitable contractors and access to external grants and maintenance. Tasks like business case approval and savings auditing are time consuming and detract from day to day Estates service delivery. We take onboard this load supported by our knowledge and experience.

Savings auditors

These projects are funded through guaranteed savings. It is thus essential that the savings do occur, and that they can be measured and quantified without too much effort or too high a capital cost overhead. In general it is a waste of public money if these projects consume more capital or support than an equivalent NHS financed project. We have the methodologies, experience and models to satisfy Trusts and contractors about the savings being achieved.

Interim & Improvement Managers

He@lth CareSolutions is built on the skills and competencies of our experienced managers. We keep these up to date with a carefully planned training regime, and hone our delivery skills through on the job practice as director level estates and facilities managers. We offer team based solutions which are very cost effective and give Trusts access to all the skills of the whole team rather than just the portfolio of a single individual.

Estates & Facilities experts

Most Trusts rely on time proven Estates and Facilities managers. However to become such, inevitably means that these same managers cannot have great depth of recent experience. He@lth CareSolutions staff are often supporting several sites at once on top of many years of site experience. Also, at any time, we are working with several of the top hard and soft service contractors. We are perfectly placed in inject new skills and improvements into a running service. This can be done under our consultancy or our interim management services.

Case Studies

Whilst self managed schemes have been struggling along, He@lthCare Solutions and our partners have quietly got on and implemented 22 infrastructure upgrade projects. We currently have another 4 in the pipeline. We have developed the procedures and contract expertise necessary to make these projects easier and quicker to implement.

HCS Case Studies from our list of over 25 projects so far

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